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12 months old:

Lydia is signing for "more", "hungry", "finished", "Smart", she knows where her belly is and where her ears are. She is pulling up, walking with a push toy, trying to scoot around, her favorite toys are the signing ball and the "food table". She eats and drinks everything (but not a fan of milk). She is sleeping through the night, takes two naps a day, she is learning how to play with other kids and is starting school at the end of August. She is still babbling the same thing and has not reaaly said anything yet.


04/05/08- She also got up on all fours today for the first time by herself (!), then got mad, and rolled to back:(

9 months old: Miss L mastered saying ma-ma, da-da, na-na, pa-pa, ba-ba and ta-ta! She likes sitting and playing with her toys, likes her piano, the popcorn toy, drums and the singing ball! She loves standing while holding onto somebody's fingers, not crawling yet, and DOES NOT like tummy time! She is eating stage 3 foods, cheerios, bananas, and daddy's pancakes:)


6 months old: she is sitting up and talking!

01/01/08- "da-da" (It doesn't mean "daddy", it means "da-da")

12/15/07- L discovered new babble this morning: yaeyaeyaeyae yey;  and first videotaped rolling over

11/10/07-First push-up on arms!

11/01/07-First rice cereal!


Yesterday was Lydia's first Halloween! We went trick-or-treating with Aadan and Brody, and while the boys were knocking on doors, Lydia was passed out in her stroller...Yes, Miss Lydia, you slept through the whole thing! But you still looked cute in your pumpkin outfit:). I also meant to say that L went to her first birthday party last week (Brody was 1!!). She also has been to the Zoo (in Columbia, SC) last month, numerous times to the beach (of course:)), to the pool, to the racetrack, and to a concert when she was 1 month old! Busy kid...


Lydia will be 4 months old on November 5th! She began to smile when she was about a 3 weeks old. She began to coo loud when she was almost 3 months old. Right now we are working on rolling and crawling. She can "half-roll-over", likes laying on her tummy, and LOVES bath time. We also discovered two "bumps" in her mouth, so it won't be long before we see some teeth:-)


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