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Happy Birthday Lydia! We hope they love you in Gainesville as much as we do here.

Dr. Krist and Ms. Sara



To our favorite family, You are doing such a terrific job raising Lydia and you have such a lovely group of people who adore you both and Lydia. The pictures are wonderful and it is perfectly clear that she is loving life. One piece of advice I can offer, other than that of everyone else is...begin reading to her steadily everyday. That is one thing that we did with Mac and he not only loves reading and literature, but loves communicating with others. I see you have seedlings as one of your sights. This was a great tool for our family and many of our relatives order books for birthday and Christmas. This is helpful, because many people don't know what to give....we believe books are precious and stay with you for a lifetime! We wish you weren't so far away, so please keep updating your pictures, we love them. I can only describe them to Mac, but he enjoys my commentary. You both are incredible, I never would have dreamed of openly sharing Mac with others at such an early are an inspiration to others. I forgot just how beautiful and precious he was when he was little and your pictures have encouraged me to dig into the archive and look back. It also makes me realize how fast they grow, whether they have a disability or not. So treasure every moment with her. Love and hugs, Sandy and Mac Potts. PS, we would love your address so we can forward you any new CD's Mac will do in the future. By the way, he is planning to do one for new mothers!


Поздравляе нашего Баську,Лидуcьку с днем рождения!
Она уже большая девочка,9 месяцев!!!
Очень любим,целуem и скучаем! 88


I'm so glad you guys are home. Looks like you froze your buns off, but had fun in the process. Anastasia, you have a beautiful family. Hopefully one day they will be able to come visit and we can all get together. Welcome home!!! Hope to see you guys soon. Give Lydia some kisses for me!!!

~ Aunt Amanda


Hey guys,

I have been waiting on pictures!! You did a great job. Thanks, they were so good, Lydia is growing too fast..looks like she is getting a tooth or already has a tooth. The best picture was the one that Lydia was being held up with just her feet. Lydia you have great balance!!! Will we see you before June? Sure hope so, we need to hold and kiss Lydia. Love you all...Aunt Gail


Hi Anastasia,

I hope you have a great time in Russia. Can't wait to see all the photos. Miss Lydia is getting so big! Sounds like she is doing absolutely great!

Sheila & Grace


Здравствуй Настенька, Антон и Тотоша, у меня в гостях Султанов и мы все вместе
радуемся Вашей доченькой любуемся фотками.Приeзжайте в гости, будем Вам рады.Буду
теперь заходить на Ваш сайт и радоваться успехами
тетя Галя и Женя из Питера.


privetik! pozdravliaem s godovwinoi, jelaem krasivoi i dolgoi lubvi! o4en jdem v gosti!!! Obojaem vas! 88


Happy Anniversary A & A!!!


Hey Baby Lydia,

You have grown since December, we are looking forward to seeing you in June or maybe before if your mommy and daddy bring you to Statesville. I am ready for some more kisses from you. Give mommy and daddy a big kiss and hug from us. Love you all Aunt Gail and Uncle Ron


Hello Everybody,

We had a great time with your family in NC. Anastacia, you are such a wonderful mom and a very welcoming person. Anthony, thanks for being a Dad to my boys for the weekend, you are so cool. Lydia is a doll and Eli really misses her. Hope to see you again next year!

Julie, Ean and Eli



It was great seeing you guys over Christmas. You both have done a wonderful job with Lydia. I don't know how Anthony made such a beautiful child!!! Hope to see you soon. Love you all!!!

Aunt Manda



Hi Anastasia:

I am Tito, Michael's friend from Tampa from way back in our early 20's. He's filled me in on your story since he adopted Lucy and when I saw Lydia on the website I fell in love with her. I shared your website with my family and they all fell in love with Lydia too. Michael was very excited and happy to have found Lucy and enjoys her company much. Congratulations on your acceptance to law school. Merry Christmas to you all and best wishes for the new year.




Hi Anastasia!!  Thanks for sharing Lydia's site with us.  She is so beautiful and I love to see how she is growing and changing.  Great job with her site!!
Jill, Ella's mom (17 months old)


Anthony and Anastasia and Baby Lydia,
We just love seeing the updated pictures of baby Lydia. She is really growing, and a very cute baby. Anthony it was good seeing you the other week-end with all the family. We will see you both at Christmas in
Statesville, we are looking forward to meeting both the girls in your life
for the first time. You both are doing a great job with this little one she
seems to be a very happy baby. Take care and hope to see you soon. Love you both, Aunt Gail and Uncle Ron



Hi Anastasia,

Had to come check out Miss Lydia's website. I love all the photos, and the video of her in the jumper! Look at that girl go! Thank you so much for sharing.

Sheila, mom to Grace





Hi family!

Anastasia, it was so great to talk to you yesterday! Thanks for your phone call!!! And thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience, and most importantly, Lydia's advances with us all! What a blessing she is!! I miss you very much and I hope you guys return to NoVa soon!

Lots of love,


To Anthony and Anastasia,
Thank you for setting up this website so that Sharon and I can keep in touch via info and pics. We are going to come to see you guys soon. May the Lord lead and guide the specialists to make the decisions that will be most important to Lydia's well-being. She is such a beautiful little girl (and a
chunkster, at that). We are very proud of you both. We cannot wait to meet and hold her. It should be very apparent to everyone how much you both love Lydia. The latest pic of the week touched my heart to see Anthony's tender side.
With all our love,
Jim & Sharon


Dear Anthony and Anastasia, Ms.Lydia is absolutely gorgeous.We have been so busy I forgot to even congratualate you guys; and after working in Pediatrics for 8 years I can tell you nothing is more important than having a healthy baby; and she is healthy; she is beautiful; and she is loved.(I bet she's real smart to)....anything else is minor. It's just like a real miracle come
true and I am so happy for the both of you! Hope to see you soon. Brenda Nickel


What a great website! did a fantastic job setting this up Anastasia! Lydia is just precious...she DOES look a lot like Anthony.  I can see that you two are wonderful parents, and I know that God has a beautiful, very
special life planned for Lydia.  We love you all!
Cousin Sherry
ps  I'll look forward to the updates!!!!



Моя тотоша самая любимая внученька.Мы
все очень тебя любим.Ты будешь самой
уникальной деткой на свете!Ты солнышко,ты
умница,ты бабин сладкий толстяк!Очень
хотим тебя целовать!Ждем тебя в Москве!


What a beautiful baby girl!  Thank you for sharing her pictures with us - we're so excited to finally get to see her!  Congratulations!  Enjoy her babyhood - we're learning first-hand from our little guy how quickly they grow up!  Hope you guys can make it to L'burg soon so we can meet her in
person... :-D.
~Chris, Morgan and Cashion Holt


дорогая настенька!

замечательные фотки вашей лидочки! она очаровашка! спасибо.


Carolyn Smith



Website is awesome! You've done a great work! And Lydia is so beautiful, cute, funny and HAPPY!!!  Lots of hugs and kisses to the whole family,
your Antie Homa from Germany;)



Wonderful website! It is so exciting to see her grow --- and we miss all of you SOOOOOOOO much!
"auntie" Christine and "Uncle" Adam



Anthony & Anastasia,
It is so great to finally get to see Lydia's beautiful face and smile. Children are a blessing from God and we need to always remember that they are here to touch your and so many others throughout their lives.
Enjoy every minute you have with your family now, because they grow up too fast. The last sentence was for you Anthony.  May God bless and I know you both will take great care of this beautiful child.

Glenn Carter



Dear Anthony, Anastasia, and "Lydia",

This is Kay Thorp from Lighthouse Methodist
Church, and your Grammy Lou is one of my
Best Friends. She , Carolyn , and Gary are

The website is wonderful!  I became a
grandmother on July 4th to baby Will, so
this is very special to me to be able to keep
up with Lydia and her family.  They grow so
fast, so sit back and enjoy the great gift
God has given you both, and please take a
lot of pictures!!

Love & Prayers,


luved her Halloween pic ..she looks adorable .Anna ..u r the best and u'll always be ..and im sure u'll be the perfect mom for Lydia ..she is ur gift from God ..i can feel the love in ur heart ..Lydia is lucky to have you and u and the hubby r the luckiest as well. a big hug and many KISSes for u Lydia baby ,,u r the sweetiest ..u reminded me of my girls when they were ur age ,tiny ,cute and the Halloween was my favorite ..just to dress them up and take some cute pictures of them..wish to c u soon ,sweet little angel ..God be with u and ur lovely family wich i respect and love truely and deeeply ,,yr Mom is great .have a nice fall season baby girl ..enjoy the fresh air breath announcing the up coming cold winter ..where u ganna love the snow and play and slide over the hill with the lovely Anna and Daddy as well
love u alllllll xxxxxxxx



hey miss lydia, it's your titi rosa!
anastasia you're doing such a great job with lydia and i am soooo very very proud of you. i see the love you have for her and it's exactly as it should be and then some. remember to keep bringing her over because i can't get enough hugs and kisses out of her and you know she has to come play "tortita" with me so that i can make her laugh and so that she can visit with her boyfriend aadan :) love you guys!



A big hello from Kentucky. Your website is great, I always wanted to do one but never had the talent or time. Lydia is adorable. She is so cuddly looking, Eli is a bean poll, no cute rolls anywhere. Hope we can meet up sometime in NC. -Julie, John, Ean & Eli (John's 2nd daughter and family)



Our new grand niece is such a beautiful baby. We hope to meet her real soon and give her hugs and kisses. Anthony she looks a lot like you. We are so glad that things are going well with you both. She is very lucky to have two loving parents to love her and take care of her. Love Aunt Gail and Uncle Ron



You did an awesome Job creating this site!  And I am so looking forward to seeing you again and getting to meet Lydia in person.

I am so glad to hear that you are embracing Lydia's opportunity--it is the challenges in life that give us our greatest strengths and
 opportunities. I look forward to watching her grow and observing her my gifts to share
with us.

Thinking of You in KY,
Aunt Laura


Hi Guys,

Lydia's website is so neat. Thank You Love, Grammy Lou


Dear Anastasia-I love Lydia's website. It is fantastic.  What a talent you have, and what an adventure. I will share this with other families if that is OK with you! She is gorgeous! Your family and friends are lucky to have a way to get to know her.  A hug to Lydia. Thanks for website. It is wonderful. See you soon! Deborah


Dear Mom and Dad.  What  a wonderful web site for a wonderful baby and her wonderful parents. Thanks so much for informing us. We think of you fondly. Love, Ed and Ruth


Aunt Manda loves her some Lydia!!! Love you guys!!! See you soon.


What a lovely website. Your daughter is so beautiful!! I see both you and Anthony in her. I'm really looking forward to next month when she and Caden can play together. Your journal was very touching and made me cry. Motherhood is the most wonderful thing that could have ever happened to me. These babies bring us so much love, laughter, and life to our house-holds. I have never experienced such a love in my life. I am so happy for you and Anthony! Like I said before, I can't wait to meet her and give her a big hug and kiss. And I'm sure Caden will be kissing her too. He LOVES little girls....and gives lots of kisses. It's going to be so much fun!



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